Young At Heart Workshop: On Making a Church Home with Millennials and GenZ

This was written to be a one-day, five hour workshop, written for an audience of mostly 40+ year-old Christians (non-millennials and gen Z) as an introduction to ministering to the hearts and minds of millennials and gen Z, as well as encouraging a clear mindset of partnering with millennials and gen Z in the work of the church. The uniqueness of this workshop is its’ strong emphasis on dealing with the epidemic of loneliness among millennials and gen Z, and how Christ’s gospel ministry included friendship, shared meals, and ministering to the hearts of the people around him.

Topics include: changing worldview and social structures, communication and technology, the current epidemic of loneliness, spiritual doubt, the role of church programs, mentoring, radical service and joining in the cause of the gospel, and much more.

The Full Packet contains:

  • 20 pg. workbook
  • Workbook with leader comments
  • Poster
  • 1920×1080 slides

Leaders preparing to give this workshop ought to review and read the following resources and books: