You Are My Witness

This series for the Sundays after Easter Sunday focuses on the Acts of the Apostles and their witness to the resurrection of Jesus. Further, the series stresses that the witnessing of Christ didn’t stop with those initial eyewitnesses. You and I today are called, too, to be witnesses of Christ by sharing that testimony, and the joy and peace of salvation built on that testimony.

This series is based on the church’s three-year pericope, readings for The Easter Season, Year A, from Christian Worship (NPH).

This sermon series packet includes:

  • Worship folder images, both 7×8.5 (half legal) and 5.5×8.5 (half sheet)
  • Title slide, both JPG and PSD
  • 11×17 poster images
  • title image, PNG
  • Sermon series notes, including prayers and reading summaries