Foundations of the Christian Faith (BIC)

This bible study is a full survey of Christian doctrine, originally written to be an adult catechism course or Bible Information Course (BIC). It’s designed for people brand new to the Bible and the Christian faith. When you’re done with it, the student will have a firm grasp on how the bible is all about Jesus, biblical chronology, dozens of chief doctrines, and lots of application. The course draws from decades of pastors teaching BIC, and so definitive attribution is difficult, but this final product was organized by Luke Thompson, Lucas Bitter, and Kent Reeder. It has 12 lessons, a glossary of key concepts, Luther’s Small Catechism, and an impressive Appendix covering nearly 30 topics.

Outline and Table of Contents

  1. A Relationship Broken and Restored                                                                   
    1. Sin and Grace
    2. Faith and Works
    3. Knowing God
    4. The Fall and Promises of a Savior
  2. A Vertical Relationship
    1. Promises Kept: The Life of Jesus
    2. The Means of Grace: Word and Baptism
    3. The Means of Grace: Communion
    4. Prayer and Confession
  3. A Horizontal Relationship
    1. Christ’s Nature and the Trinity
    2. The Christian Church and Fellowship
    3. Last Things
    4. Now What? My Vocation

Original Diagrams, Charts, Timelines, Maps

This BIC has dozens of original charts, timelines, maps, and other illustrative graphics, designed by Luke specifically for this course. But these are also useful for taking out of the course and using in other bible studies and workshops as well.

This Packet includes:

  • Foundations BIC cover jpg
  • Master document in Word docx, 113 pages
  • Student Workbook PDF, 113 pages
  • Teacher Workbook PDF, 113 pages (Teacher notes as comments)
  • A banner/title slide


Resources for the Teacher

These are books and other resources that would be incredibly helpful for the teacher of this course.

  • Grace Abounds by Daniel Deutschlander (NPH) is an excellent introduction and survey of Christian doctrine, with an emphasis on grace, law & gospel, and solid Christology. It’s organized topically like a traditional dogmatics, and it reads like an enlightening conversation over a cup of coffee.
  • Luther’s Catechism is the quintessential summary of essential Christian doctrine, originally written by Luther for parents to instruct their children. This expanded version includes hundreds of proof passages and in-depth doctrinal explanations.