Easter Symbol Youth Activities

Teach children to recognize and appreciate the many symbols of our Christian faith through an interactive Easter Symbol Egg Hunt. Christ-Centered. Educational. Dynamic. As the cornerstone of our Christian faith, Easter is a celebration steeped in rich religious symbolism. Here is an opportunity to deepen children’s understanding of the symbols they see all around them.

Symbol Hunt Activity

Miniature symbols are hidden throughout your activity area. Teams race against each other, performing various actions while searching for the symbols. When complete, children call out in a round robin the name and meaning of each symbol. This Easter Symbol Hunt is modifiable for various age levels and for small or large (50+) groups of children. It requires minimal prep. We used these activities Easter morning for our church’s youth program as well as an outreach opportunity. It would also work well as part of a stand-alone Easter for Kids-type program.

Symbol Hunt Packet Includes:

  • Leader Instructions Broken Down by Age
  • Symbol Hunt Activity Guide
  • 8 1/2 x 11 Coloured Symbol Flash Cards
  • 8 1/2 x 11 Sheet of Coloured Symbols (10 per page)

Easter Symbols Toddler Activity

While the big kids are enjoying their symbol egg hunt, this Toddler Easter Symbol Sensory Bin engages the wee little ones with open-ended play that is both educational and manipulative: just right for their curious and active hands and minds. Download for the packet is below.

Easter Symbols Toddler Packet Includes:

  • “My Easter Symbols:” a colourful easy to use symbol chart for parents, volunteers, and early childhood instructors to talk through Easter symbolism with young children.
  • Instructions on creating a matching Symbols Sensory Bin

Download for the packet is below.

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