The Anti-Fragile Christian

What’s the opposite of fragile? Not simply something that doesn’t fall apart under pressure, but something that gets better under pressure. That’s anti-fragile: when hardships and stress make something stronger and more resilient. “The Anti-Fragile Christian: A Study on How God Uses Hardships to Develop Virtue” is a bible study that focuses on how God promises to use the hardships of this world to actually fashion and shape his Christians, to actually build our character. God didn’t invent evil, but he uses it for our good. To aid us in this, we’ll present a Confessional Lutheran assessment of the classical seven virtues, examine where they fit within Scripture and how God uses pain and suffering in his work of growing us in virtue. Chapters include:

  1. Ethics under the Cross
  2. The Law under the Cross
  3. Justice under the Cross
  4. Courage under the Cross
  5. Self-control under the Cross
  6. Wisdom under the Cross
  7. Agapé Mercy under the Cross
  8. Faith under the Cross
  9. Hope under the Cross

To see this bible study being taught, visit The Anti-Fragile Christian on YouTube.

Download “The Anti-Fragile Christian” Packet

The Full Packet contains:

  • 30 pg. workbook (PDF)
  • 30 pg. workbook with teacher’s notes (PDF)
  • cover and back images (JPG)
  • 1920×1080 title slides (JPG and PSD)