Introducing Jesus: A Primer for Reading the Gospels

“Introducing Jesus: A Primer for Reading the Gospels” is a bible study where the student is introduced to how to read the Bible, what the gospels are, and how each of the four gospels has a unique author writing to a unique audience, giving us four ways of sharing who Jesus is. This study is useful not only for those new the Bible, but also for Christians working on their apologetic tact of talking about Jesus as a real, historical figure. Lessons include:

  1. Introducing the Bible – focusing especially on how to approach reading the Bible’s 66 books
  2. Introducing the Gospels – exploring their historical genre and relationship to each other
  3. Introducing the Whole Life of Jesus – providing an overview of Jesus’ life to help readers contextualize Gospel readings
  4. Introducing Matthew: An Un/expected Jesus
  5. Introducing Mark: Epic Hero Jesus
  6. Introducing Luke: Global Jesus
  7. Introducing John: My God and My Friend, Jesus
  8. Harmonizing the Gospels

Download “Introducing Jesus” Packet

The Full Packet contains:

  • 20 pg. workbook (PDF)
  • cover image (JPG)
  • 1920×1080 title slides (JPG and PSD)
  • Judea map (jpg)
  • Life of Jesus Timeline (PDF)