Peace on Earth – A Christmas Eve Worship Program

This is a simple Christmas Eve program designed for the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown where many of us will be streaming our services, maybe in combination with physical attendance services. The service gives pastors and worship leaders an opportunity to focus on what’s most important in such turbulent times. The service has the following introductory notes:

I would bet that this year you’ve been deeply affected by at least one of the following: the pandemic, civil unrest, unemployment, financial troubles, health troubles, painful relationships, depression, substance dependence, bigotry, or bullying. And so have your friends, family, co- workers, classmates, or neighbours. So many voices today tell us this world is lost to strife, anger, and suffering. What the world needs right now is peace. In fact, what you need right now is peace. Tonight, we’re going to remind you of a powerful truth. This world is not lost. In fact, the powers of good have already and will continue to win. Two-thousand years ago, God came into this world to bring a peace that transcends our understanding. Angels declared that first Christmas, “Peace on earth!” What could they have meant? Join us tonight to find out, and to bring that peace into your life.

This worship service packet includes:

  • A Worship Service of three readings, focusing on the theme of peace, Christmas, and the gospel (PDF)
  • Cover image (JPG)
  • Web banner (JPG, PSD)

This is a draft of the service we’ll be using this upcoming Christmas Eve, so there may well be typos and tweaks you’ll want to make. I may rewrite some of the narration. But I thought I’d share this for those still looking for a unifying idea for your Christmas Eve program.