The Meaningful Life: A Bible Study on Ecclesiastes and If God Matters

“The Meaningful Life” is a study that uses the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes as a framework for talking about where to find meaning in life. This study eventually was turned into the book, “Your Life Has Meaning.” And so there are no teacher notes for this study. Instead, just read the book. Lessons in this study include (and parallel the book):

  1. Everything Is Meaningless (an introduction to Ecclesiastes and the topic of the meaning of life)
  2. Wisdom Is Meaningless
  3. Pleasures are Meaningless
  4. Work Is Meaningless
  5. Human Life Is Meaningless
  6. Everything Is Meaningful

Download “The Meaningful Life” Packet

The Full Packet includes:

  • 24-page class handout (pdf)
  • Cover image (jpeg)
  • Title slide (jpeg)