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  • 13 Truths

    13 Truths

    [V2, Updated April, 2023] 13 Truths is a framework for spiritual care. Oftentimes Christians find themselves struggling with applying Biblical truths in spiritual care or encouragement settings because how we have learned Christian doctrine (such as in catechism, bible studies, or sermons) does not transition well into a spiritual care setting. Below, specific Biblical truths…

  • Ecce – A Good Friday Worship Service

    Ecce – A Good Friday Worship Service

    This is a stand-alone worship service fitting for the evening of Good Friday. The service description found in the worship folder is as follows: 2000 years ago, God died. The Roman governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate, brought Jesus before the Jewish mob. Thrusting forward a bloody and battered man with a mock crown and cape…